How Indonesians Celebrate of Ramadhan

How Indonesians Celebrate of Ramadhan

  1. Sahur ( The Early Morning Meals )

         The day in Indonesia normally start before 04.00am young people will walk   around the village or communities in the city, hitting bamboos or kitchen tools, shouting “sahur sahur” in melodious tunes.

Why ??? to make sure that all are awake to eat breakfast in order to eat enough nutrition for the whole day.

2. Fasting

Muslim adult will fast the whole day from sun up to sun down going without food or water yet continuing their daily activities. ( while children my do ” Puasa Bedug ” or the half day fasting )

3. Ngabuburit

To avoid being tempted to eat or drink, people keep themselves busy with activities awaiting iftar, which is announced by the sound of the bedug the drum of mosque. ( Before bedug, a people will search “special sweet foods ” to break teh fast )

4. Buka Puasa ( Iftar )

When it is time to break the fast, people usually drink something sweet first like hot tea or iced syrup, accompanied by snacks like dates before eating dinner.

5. Taraweh ( Evening prayers during Ramadhan )

After the heavy meal, it is customary for people to pray taraweeh at the local mosque. after prayers children love to light firecrackers, while this may be loud you may also want to join in the fun